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About Us

We are the community to elevate your learning on taking outcome-driven approaches to Product creation

The Product Elevation community was formed to help Product Managers, Product Designers and Leaders connect and share knowledge on modern Product practices. And importantly, to do so in a fun environment. We are a group of volunteers based in Dublin, Ireland, who passionate about great Product Management, UX Design and Product Leadership.

In 2021, we held our first conference, which had over 300 people in attendance, and in 2022 we’re returning – this time both in-person and online! We cannot wait to reconnect in person, whilst providing an awesome virtual experience for those joining online, based on what we learned in 2021.

The theme of our conference is Discover Together – how collaborative, product-led approaches to Product Discovery help us achieve business outcomes whilst delighting our users & customers.

Topics will include qualitative & quantitative product research techniques, all aspects of product management and UX, and product leadership & innovation. You will hear from the very best international & community speakers on their learnings from taking product-led, outcome-driven approaches. Speakers will include Roman Pichler, Radhika Dutt, Geoff Watts and many more!

Learn how to achieve better outcomes by shifting from a project-led approach to a product-led mindset, and the concrete practices & examples to go with it.